Week After Christmas

Writing Exercise, edited for privacy:
The Week after Christmas Adapted from the classic poem written by Clement Moore
‘Twas the week after Christmas and all through the room the natives were restless, awaiting the moon.
Stockings, once hung on the fish tank with care, caused the oscar to wonder why they’re still there. Toys and messes were strewn across the floor, trains, markers, and papers galore.
A and N were hustled to bed, while visions of presents danced in their heads. On the sofa was J, sprawled out like a pet, flipping through channels and surfing the net.
With a sigh of relief I settled into my seat got comfy and cozy and propped up my feet. And S in her jammies, looking so sweet, had just settled in for a long bite to eat.
The hustle and bustle was starting to slow and the birth of a new year will soon be a glow. From our family to yours we wish a good night and the light of the gospel to light up your life.

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