Birthday List

The years keep sneaking up on me. I had a nice weekend, even though I’m dealing with a sick/fussy baby. But since my birthday is almost the middle of the year I’ve been thinking about my goals for 2009. I have a goal for each of the following eight categories: Physical, Mental, Spiritual, Emotional, Social, Family, Financial, and Professional.
I’ve made progress/kept up with five.
A flat-line in two areas.
And a back-track in one.
Which, if the stats on New Year’s Resolutions are true, is above average!
I’ve come to the conclusion that it might be better to actually commit to my goals for the year – and assess last year’s- on my birthday rather than New Year’s. It would keep one less thing to do out of the rush of the holiday season. It would utilize the drama of aging as motivation to reach for the next level. And by the time the holidays come around I’ll (hopefully) be well established with my new habits as opposed to giving up because the end is near.
That’s all well and good for next time around but what do I do with my current list?
Do I see it as an opportunity to have an “extra” five months to meet/keep my 2009 list?
Or do I use my enlightenment to chuck my 2009 goals and start a “By the time I’m 34” list?

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