First, I’d like to shout out a big HAPPY BIRTHDAY to my sister-in-law! You’re the bomb! My oldest was due on this day, one year ago, but she was over-cooked… like both my other turkeys.
It’s been a week of knitting. (I know I should have spent more time writing- I’m loosing the momentum I had last month with the WFMAD challenge- but cognitive therapy has taught me not to “should on myself” so I won’t regret my time spent with yarn.)
I actually completed one knitting project I’ve been working at for a a few weeks then started and finished a second AND third piece, and now I’ve began a fourth. They are all hats, children’s hats- including one preemie, so they’re small projects. But just the right size for a busy mom. After I finish this hat for my little princess I’ll start on projects for my friends’ children. E-mail your requests- I’d even do big people hats for my friends, too.
Almost two years ago I started knitting a blanket… a baby blanket, but the largest knitted project to date. I worked on that thing over a year- it took longer to create than my baby girl. It felt great to complete it but the dragging on without an end was an emotional beating. It’s satisfying to complete a hat in a few days. Heart-warming to see my girl toddle around while trying to pull her hat off and on and watch my preschooler shake his head around to giggle the jingle bell on his hat. (I’m not ignoring the oldest- he wants to keep his two hats that still fit him.)
So, more knitted projects around the bend. And hopefully more writing, too!
(Pictured is the hat I made last winter for my baby girl- too small now!)

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