Confessions of a Blogger

I usually write my blog posts on Mondays and let them sit overnight. Sometimes I’ll think of tidbits to add but most of the time I make little or no changes. But the time-buffer is reassuring. It allows me to catch mistakes before publishing my words for others to scrutinize. I’m a poor speller and queen of type-os, but I’m expanding my knowledge of grammar and punctuation everyday.
I’m typing this right now—on Tuesday. Yesterday, I used my writing time to add about three-fourths of a page to my manuscript. Anything added to the story is worth celebrating—especially this past week. Two weeks ago I edited my first two chapters into one which took several digits off my page count. Quality, not quantity is my new mantra. I can’t allow myself to morn over the reduced page count.
After all, don’t we all want to reduce numbers?

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