Live and Learn

My blog this week is short—a carry over from my “Never List” last week. One of my readers (hello, cousin!) wanted to hear about number six: NEVER leave a bag of bird seed outside over-night. This is something I’ve learned within the last few years, yet still temp fate with when I’m forgetful (see number four on the previous post.)
I’ve been living in the deep south for thirteen years but I’m still learning the local culture and rules. One big thing to remember, yes do write this down if you are older than twenty-five, is that night life in the south is active. I live within in the city limits—suburban, residential with surrounding businesses, but there are a few pockets of wooded areas and a creek nearby. Opossums and raccoons are frequent nocturnal visitors. Both make short work of a plastic bag of bird seed. They especially like the premium seed, with the nuts and berries. I don’t like paying good money to feed over-sized, rat-like critters.
Don’t even get me started on the daytime issues with squirrels… they can chew through the lids of five gallon plastic paint cans!
There is still time to comment on the list from last week and sound off on your own experiences.

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