You Want Me to Do What?!

My post last week sparked some interesting conversations. I had more feedback than ever before, thank you Megan for commenting so many times, including a response from Laurie Halse Anderson. LHA is one of my writing heroes—it was super generous of her to offer me advice. THANK YOU!
Besides LHA’s comment on my post (go back and read it if you haven’t) she added the ideas into her own blog and is calling for a Blog Free February.
I am going to accept the “BFF” challenge—including NOT reading blogs—as well as take a hiatus from Twitter and Facebook. I’ll still use my e-mail and internet since I use both for conducting the businesses of life (critique group, financial, etc) but will do so sparingly.
It would be great if everyone I know takes this challenge so I don’t miss any news/tidbits as posted in said places. (Yeah, I know… fat chance!)
But for now, here’s the latest from my reading corner:
I’m reading The Actor and the Housewife by Shannon Hale and laughing a lot during the evening hours. It’s an honest look at the inner workings of a religious wife/mother, with a ton of humor and fairytale-ish happenings. Charmingly deep. Deeply charming.
The daytime reading, besides scripture study, is The ABCs of Writing for Children complied by Elizabeth Koehler-Pentacoff. The collected quotes make it perfect for stop-n-go reading while mothering the little princess, and princes, too.

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