Gearing Up for Shutting Down

This past week I’ve slowed my social networking considerably. Didn’t check Twitter all weekend and only checked Facebook once a day—and I did not post an update each time. It’s been easy to slack off, but I had a busy week with appointments and errands. I was away from the house during my productive hours so I didn’t get much writing done, either. Plus, I had a last minute church lesson to prepare Friday PM-Saturday.
In total, I wrote my blog post and a little over a page on my WIP (Work in Progress). I barely squished together my seventh chapter to submit for my next critique group meeting.
News Flash: My birthday is a little over three months away. YIKES!
Since I decided to re-write my 2009 goals to be “Before I Turn Thirty-Four” goals, I really need to get focused on the personal deadline of completing my first draft, among other things.
I have goals in eight categories: Physical, Mental, Spiritual, Emotional, Social, Family, Financial, and Professional. My writing goals are “professional”, so I’m behind schedule on that. I’m halfway to reaching my physical goal—hooray for me!
Good progress on mental and emotional. Just about mastered the family goal—will need a new goal for the next year (the current one is a carry-over from the previous year). Been mediocre on the spiritual and social aspects, but I’m humble enough to admit it. And the financial front totally stinks—diffidently a carry-over for next year!
How have those of you that create goals been doing?
I’ll be taking notes of my productivity during February so I can see how it goes and will report back on the second of March.

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