Spring n Things

I hope everyone has enjoyed the celebration of rebirth. Oh, to be able to experience pure forgiveness and mercy—such a blessing in trying times!
Life’s been, well—life, so my blogging is lacking. Some things are too personal (or boring) to post about. But I have passed a few sharable milestones this past month—breaking over 45,000 words on Corroded and completing 165 days of official homeschooling. Only fifteen more days to go for this “school year”. Woohoo!
There’s a bit of a writing shake-up happening for me, too. After I finish this draft of Corroded, I’ll be dropping my current critique group to be in a new group just for writers of young adults. (I might need to stretch them to middle reader level for future projects—so be warned, W.C.)
But I’m straddling the two groups for the time being. I’ve been with the established group for a year and a half so I won’t drop them when I’m within sight of the ending. All the members have added to my knowledge and growth and I wouldn’t trade the experience for anything. They’ve stuck with me through Corroded (and several small projects) over the time we’ve shared at Panera and the hours we’ve spent reading/writing/editing before the meetings. I’ll miss the ladies, but hopefully we’ll still get to visit at the Mobile Writers Guild events.
It does make more work for the weeks I’m doing double duty. I’ll be reading the submissions from two groups as well as rewriting/editing the beginning of my own WIP before I’m at the end. It’ll be worth it to have a new eyes reading who are focused on the YA market, though.
On that remark, I best close so I can get back to writing/editing.
Oh, and here’s the visual for my good reads since the last blog:

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