Been in a blog-funk lately—barely keeping up with those I read and not knowing what to do with my own. So, without further ado, I’ll plunge into this week’s (more like month’s since it has been so long) blog.

I’m about one-fifth of the way through my revision of Corroded. It’s been fun to rework things and my critique group buddies (“Holla!”) are impressed with the changes. It seems my voice is more tween than teen, and I’m pleased with that because all my favorite novels are middle grade (MG.) And PG in rating, for what I like and write—just ask those wild Write Clubbers.

The past five days I’ve lapsed in writing because I’m at a point in the rewrite that I need to create a new scene. Switching gears from easy edits to writing from scratch has proven rusty. Need to oil those gears so corrosion is repaired. And that’s why I decided to finally write a post today.

What events do you get stuck on in your life?


2 responses to “Rusty”

  1. You are doing a FANTASTIC job with the revisions, Carrie! And we love having you as the Write Club voice of discretion! Holla!

  2. You are doing a FABULOUS job with your revisions, Carrie! And I’m glad you’re writing MG because you ROCK at it! Woot-woot!

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