Summer Sucks

Summer sucks my energy away. The heat, humidity, and glaring sun don’t agree with me. Southern summer thunderstorms are fabulous but I have to bear with the other things to enjoy them. Opposition in all things.

To combat summer blues we gear up homeschool in July. My previous post highlighted our literary tree. Here’s what it looks like as of last week.


Besides fighting the heat, I’ve been battling words. I passed fifty one thousand on my current WIP (work in progress), FORTITUDE. It’s now officially my biggest project ever just based on word count—not to mention the years of research. As soon as I finish this draft, I’ll be looking back over CORRODED. It will have been a year since I worked on it, so I’ll have fresh eyes and an editor’s brain to aid in my decision making on where to take Mary and Ben.

Hope summer is kind to you and yours.

8 responses to “Summer Sucks”

  1. Love the Literary Tree, and congrats on the progress with FORTITUDE!

    1. I also like the literary tree idea. Whatever works…

    2. Carrie Dalby Cox Avatar
      Carrie Dalby Cox


  2. I will love the summer for you….and you can love the winter for me.
    Actually, lets split the difference and stay with spring and fall. Not too hot and not too cold (I sound a wee bit like Goldilocks).

    1. Carrie Dalby Cox Avatar
      Carrie Dalby Cox

      Autumn is my favorite. 🙂

  3. tree looks awesome! Fall is my favorite too. We’ll have to go out for a funnel cake or make some caramel apples this year. 🙂

  4. I’m with you..I love autumn. I don’t like winter, too cold..summer is way way too hot here in the south, and of course I have sensory and temperature regulation issues (oh yay!) so it is a state of constant discomfort! Bring on the fall!!!

    1. Carrie Dalby Cox Avatar
      Carrie Dalby Cox

      I feel ya!

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