While cleaning/organizing my desk today, I realized I’m sentimental in both a functional and not-so-functional way. Yes, my fondness for British literary movies should have been a clue, but let me give you two examples from my office to prove my point.

Exhibit One:


Functional collection of Hello Kitty/Sanrio clips from the 1980s. I did break one of the smaller ones, it was blue with angels or something with wings… a few years back and had to toss it. The big one is scarred with bite marks—don’t ask—but I’ve kept them all these decades. They been put to use and clipped on desk organizers in between jobs.

Exhibit Two:


My old disks: better than the floppy ones, but still completely outdated. Yes, my first four manuscripts, college assignments, and assorted poetry from the early 1990s are contained on them. But most of those documents can also be found in my filing cabinet, on paper.

Do I have a computer with the appropriate disk drive? No.

Will I ever use these disks again? No.

Can I throw them away? No.

What are you hanging on to from years, decades, or centuries past?

2 responses to “Nostalgic”

  1. I can’t part with any of my old writings, favorite books, certain stuffed animals, and a small box full of tidbits that hold special meaning. And even though I never change out my jewelry, I have a ton of tangled chains and rings in my jewelry box that I can’t bear to part with. Ok, there’s more, but I’m suddenly seeing myself on that Hoarders show….

  2. Do I have a similar stash? Yes. A mug from every hospital I ever worked in, things my kids made that old pens and pencils, my Brownie Scout cap, a collection of recipes written by my mother, and boxes of all my high school pins and necklaces, most in sad shape.

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