Finding Faith in Young Adult Literature, a Guest post by Carrie Dalby

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Fifteen-year- old Mary Lou Weber is suffocating in her sister’s shadow. Though she struggles to break into the light and claim her own identity—and the attention of the cutest guy in school—something always seems to pull her right back down into the role of Barbara’s little sister.
Down the street lives seventeen-year- old Ben Thomas, a lonely introvert who is captive to a sensory condition that makes it nearly impossible for him to stand in sunlight, much less talk to people whom he thinks could never understand his difficulties.
A new year kindles the friendship between a guy who pushes away the world and the girl who’s striving to find her place in it. Can the relationship help Mary and Ben find balance in a world that frequently seems too much to handle?

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Born and raised in California, Carrie Dalby has lived in…

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