The Horizon

Tendrils of Passion, book three of The Possession Chronicles, releases this November. The editor will have the manuscript back to me by one week from today so I can go through my next round of edits (which brings my total to around thirty editorial passes for this manuscript since I wrote the first draft.) I’ll have about two weeks to complete and return. Deadlines are always part of the writing journey.

That means the next few days I’m pushing to finish my current project–which involves a character in the above collage–so I can let that sit while I focus on Tendrils of Passion. Can you guess who I’m writing about? I’ve shared that information with my monthly newsletter subscribers, as well as posted excerpts from the first draft with my readers group. Those are the places you’ll hear news first–including cover reveals. I update the blog about twice a month to help those who don’t follow me on social media stay informed on the highlights of my literary news, but if you want more, be sure to check out all the places you can find me on the Contact page.

Time to get back to writing.

2 responses to “The Horizon”

  1. THIRTY editorial passes? Wow, a lot goes into writing a book. Happy writing and good luck with the edits!

    1. Yes, it takes me a lot to get to the core of the story. I overwrite my first drafts and unfortunately do so in a passive voice. It takes me over a dozen self-edits to get it strong enough to send it on to my critique group. More edits. Next, beta readers and fixes as needed. Then it goes to the publisher for a couple rounds of professional edits.
      My critique group is currently reading draft seventeen of the sixth book in The Possession Chronicles. Long process, but a labor of love.

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