Two Years Old

Perilous Confessions, book one of The Possession Chronicles, was published two years ago. Since then, there’s been seven related short stories published and the first five novels in the series are available. And it all began when the editor of my first two novels (Fortitude and Corroded) encouraged me to try my hand at horror in the autumn of 2015. I went with Southern Gothic, though a couple of the books (Murmurs of Evil and Tendrils of Passion, which I wrote first) are considered Gothic horror.

I’m sure the news is in your part of the world is similar, but the big announcement along the Gulf Coast is the 2021 carnival season being put on hold/cancelled/adapted. People are still decorating, buying king cake, and eating Moon Pies, but large gatherings like the masquerades and parades aren’t happening this winter. That sounds like a good excuse to dive into Mardi Gras seasons of the past.

Now is a great time to visit or revisit the book where it all began–or did it? Besides being written after I completed what is now books two and three in the series, I also wrote a prequel short story to The Possession Chronicles after writing all eight novels. Have you read “Masked Flaws”? It takes place the winter before Perilous Confessions, during the infamous 1904 carnival season mentioned in the first book. The year of Edmund Easton’s initiation into Mystics of Dardenne.

You can read “Masked Flaws” in the Mobile Writers Guild’s Mardi Gras Pieces anthology or claim a free digital download of the short story after subscribing to my monthly newsletter.

Do you have a favorite Mardi Gras themed read?

5 responses to “Two Years Old”

  1. Happy book birthday, Perilous Confessions! Laissez les bon temps rouler! (As I’m currently decorating for Mardi Gras-lol!)

    1. Don’t party like a Dardenne once you are decorated.

  2. Happy birthday to Perilous Confessions! Hm, a fave Mardi Gras read . . . it seems to me I need to read more stories with a Mardi Gras setting so I can choose a favorite.:-)

    1. Sounds like a good reading goal for the next month.
      Here’s a contemporary Mobile, AL, Southern Gothic from an author friend who allowed me to use (and create a backstory) for her created society, Mystics of Dardenne.
      WANT by Stephanie Lawton.

      1. How nice of you, Carrie. I’ll check out Want!

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