Cover Reveal for Reckless Rebellion

We’re a month away from the release of the final novel in the main Possession Chronicles series. Reckless Rebellion is set to join the world on April 5, 2022. Today, I’m offering you the cover.

How do you think the Melling and Davenport families will navigate the 1920s? Reckless might be a keyword–at least for some of the characters. Once again, Ashley at Redbird Designs captured the tone of The Possession Chronicles. It’s wonderful to finally have all the novels (and the novella) together in their visual spaces.

I’ve been working on the series for about seven years, and it’s bittersweet to be able to say THE END, especially with this novel I completed three years ago.

If you subscribe to my monthly newsletter–if you don’t, sign up today–you’ll know that I have a spin-off trilogy releasing later this year. You’ll be able to visit historic Mobile, Alabama, once again, with some new and familiar faces. And if you haven’t dove into The Possession Chronicles, you can sample my Southern Gothic style with The Malevolent Trilogy for the first time, as it can be read without the full series.

Next time, I’ll be sharing about my March 2022 release. Again, newsletter subscribers will have heard about it. If not, get a peek of it on the bottom of my TEEN page.

Thanks for following my literary journey.

2 responses to “Cover Reveal for Reckless Rebellion”

  1. The cover for Reckless Rebellion is perfect! It totally fits the families’ saga and snuggles right in there with the other covers.

    1. Thank you. I’ve had that visual in mind for about two years now–leaving the crumbling house.

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