Panels and Proofs

It’s been busy the last month. As the heat increases, so does the “To Do” list. If it keeps me in the air conditioning, it’s all good.

On Monday, I’ll be sitting in on a panel with three of my author friends about Coming-of-Age in Southern Gothic Literature at the Alabama School Librarians Association Conference. (That’s my third panel at an event in the past month.) I love talking about books and there is no better way to do that than with friends. Candice Marley Conner, Joyce Scarbrough, and Jodie Cain Smith are who I’ll be with. Though we write for multiple age levels, we all have at least one YA/coming-of-age Southern Gothic novel. Yes, that means I’ll be focusing on Fortitude, but more so on the genre at large and books that have influenced me/recommended reads.

In between these recent events, I’ve been pouring over final edits and proofing the finished product for the novels in The Malevolent Trilogy.

Malevolent Hearts is finalized and ready to roll out July 19, 2022. You can even preorder the digital edition from all major ebook retailers–and several of them have a dollar off discount price, saving you 25%. From here on out, all my new releases will be available from all ebook platforms and not in Kindle Unlimited, but available for purchase on Kindle–and nook, iBooks, Kobo, etc..

Right now, I’m going through the ebook proof of Tangled Discoveries one last time before finalizing layout for it. I expect it too will be ready for July 19, but if not, the following week. Stay tuned for the firm release date on it.

The editor has Severed Legacies for his last pass, then I’ll be combing through that a few more times before it sees the finishing touches. But all in all, the trilogy will release at the end of July through early August at the latest in both digital and hardcover editions.

I hope you leave room on your summer reading list for these beauties.

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