Mid-Month Check

It’s been a busy month so far, but I wanted to pause and let y’all know how things are going here.

First up, I’m officially twelve thousand words into the third Washington Square Secrets book. The tentative title for it when I initially recorded ideas for three books last year was Betrayal, but the plot for this one has significantly changed. As of right now, that title is no longer a good fit, but have no fear that this soon-to-be-retitled novel is going well.

Discernment is with the editor for the first professional go round. My favorite editor to work with, Sean Connell, is back for our sixth (plus) book together. I say plus because he started work on Murmurs of Evil, the first Possession Chronicles book I wrote, but we both ended up leaving the publishing house I had been with for my previous novels (Fortitude and Corroded) so he didn’t do a complete editorial pass on it. But he worked his magic on all The Malevolent Trilogy books last year.

Duplicity, book two of Washington Square Secrets, has official graduated out of personal edits. That baby is now toddling on to both a beta reader focusing on some possible sensitivity issues, and my critique partner. The prologue has already gone through one major rewrite thanks to the discerning eyes of critique partner Candice. Thank you!

In other noteworthy news, the big A website currently has Corroded paperbacks marked BELOW wholesale price.

Now is a great time to stock up for gifts or a sharable item to pass around during Autism Awareness/Acceptance month in April.

In other sale news, the digital editions of The Malevolent Trilogy books are all currently marked down anywhere from one dollar to three dollars, depending on the digital platform, but the markdown is global, in all markets. Save at least one dollar, pound, euro, etc. Example, in the USA, Malevolent Hearts is marked down to $1.99 from $4.99. Tangled Discoveries and Severed Legacies are $3.99 or lower. (Nook/Barnes & Noble has them at $2.99 in the USA.)

These sale prices are great because next week I’m hosting an online discussion for the trilogy in Dalby’s Darklings. This is a private Facebook group and the discussion will be on an event page hosted by the group for members only. If you aren’t on Facebook, I’m always happy to answer questions about any of my books.

In closing, for those celebrating Mardi Gras, please do so responsibly. Yes, I know that is sort of against what Mardi Gras is about, but at least try not to party like a Mystics of Dardenne member. If carnival is too far away for you to participate, be an armchair reveler. The digital edition of Perilous Confessions is marked down globally the same as Malevolent Hearts.

2 responses to “Mid-Month Check”

  1. You’ve been really productive, Carrie. It sounds like you have a lot of story in the pipeline!

    1. My brain is active, but I try to keep focused on one story at a time, at least for first drafting.

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