While cleaning/organizing my desk today, I realized I’m sentimental in both a functional and not-so-functional way. Yes, my fondness for British literary movies should have been a clue, but let me give you two examples from my office to prove my point.

Exhibit One:


Functional collection of Hello Kitty/Sanrio clips from the 1980s. I did break one of the smaller ones, it was blue with angels or something with wings… a few years back and had to toss it. The big one is scarred with bite marks—don’t ask—but I’ve kept them all these decades. They been put to use and clipped on desk organizers in between jobs.

Exhibit Two:


My old disks: better than the floppy ones, but still completely outdated. Yes, my first four manuscripts, college assignments, and assorted poetry from the early 1990s are contained on them. But most of those documents can also be found in my filing cabinet, on paper.

Do I have a computer with the appropriate disk drive? No.

Will I ever use these disks again? No.

Can I throw them away? No.

What are you hanging on to from years, decades, or centuries past?

The Calm

Last week’s tidal extremes have leveled out—and that’s a good thing. Each day’s not as emotionally draining, so there’s more energy for the rest of life.

First, I’ll share what literary news I do have. I passed thirty thousand words with FORTITUDE last night. I’m still trying to finish this draft by the end of the month, but I’m not going to stress if I don’t. That whole “don’t let your fortitude get corroded” thing will keep me from being too hard on myself.

I did celebrate a birthday last week. I kept mum about it, but I want to share a gift I received that has ties to this blog.

Yes, a fern terrarium to help me keep my dreams alive. One of my first thoughts was to name the fern on the tree “Corroded” and the terrarium “Fortitude” but my slightly superstitious mind then thought that if one died, there goes that novels chance in the world. And to reinforce that my initial idea wasn’t a good one, I spotted another fern beginning in a bed of moss on a different tree in the yard.
No way I’m ready for a third project!


On a personal note, I’m finishing up the last month of homeschooling with my kids before we break for several weeks in June. A break for us just means no paperwork. We’re forever learning and exploring—together and separately.

For the new readers (hello out there!) you can keep up with what books I’m devouring and other fun tidbits on my Facebook page and Twitter. Also, I’ve updated the look of my website, so if you’re reading this via e-mail, take the time to click over the site and let me know what you think.

Past Due

Yep, still here.
I was blessed to be able to help watch over and care for the matriarch of our family, my great-aunt—who was the eldest of our four generation household—during her last weeks on earth. We took a week off from homeschooling so we could spend more time with family. Overall, it’s been peaceful, even during the peak of the bustle. Still lingering sadness. We all miss her.

(Taken at the princess’s first birthday.)
My personal duties have been neglected but my brain’s been running full-throttle. It’s difficult to remember what I’ve been doing—probably be easier to tell you what I haven’t accomplished, of which writing would be at the top of the list.

I’ve read several books—always a good escape—but I can only remember Moon Over Manifest (this year’s Newbery winner) which I loved. It incorporates two things I enjoy: historical fiction and story within a story.

And The Summer of Skinny Dipping by Amanda Howells, which I just finished two nights ago and will return to my friend who was kind enough to loan it to me. The ending surprised me, which is rare.

Now I’m reading the final book in The Luxe series by Anna Godbersen.
I started the first one around Christmas and just have to know how it all ends.