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CARRIE’S SHORT STORIES CAN BE FOUND IN THE FOLLOWING BOOKS. (For chronological reading order, check out The Possession Chronicles page.)

“Revelry’s Requiem”, co-write with Jolie St. Amant, in Bienvenue to the Chateau Rouge

At the Chateau Rouge, love is timeless

Welcome to the Chateau Rouge nestled in the heart of New Orleans. While Josey Jacobs checks you in to the elegant hotel, which was once one of the French Quarter’s most talked about bordellos, you may realize everything is not what it seems.
Spirits here do not Rest In Peace.
Drinks disappear from the bar. The apparition of a woman flickers at the corner of your vision. Bloodthirsty creatures prowl the halls. No two visits are ever the same, and guests will forever be changed by what transpires.
Grab your room key from the desk and brace yourself for four unique stories told from within these enchanted walls:

“Revelry’s Requiem” by Jolie St. Amant and Carrie Dalby
(A Chateau Rouge and Possession Chronicles Crossover)
Danger arrives at Chateau Rouge during the 1911 carnival season in the form of an Italian violinist, Valentino De Fiore. Seeking to flaunt his fame, Valentino sends for his cousin, Father Claudio De Fiore, to visit from his small Louisiana parish. The instant Claudio arrives, he feels powers of darkness closing in around Valentino. In over their heads with the arrogant violinist and a young vampire who loves him, Josephine and Alcide must turn to Selena Prosperie, the oldest vampire in New Orleans in hopes of bringing secrecy back to their establishment. Can the vengeful immortal control the situation without unleashing her fury on the De Fiore cousins?


Community. Courage. Compassion. Hometown Heroes: A Christmas Anthology brings you five Christmas romances that celebrate everyday heroes. From paranormal to contemporary to historical there’s something here to fill everyone with the spirit of the season. A portion of the proceeds will be donated to Cajun Navy Relief, an organization dedicated to helping neighbors in distress.

“Courtship and Courage” is Carrie’s short story addition to this anthology. Witnessing the race riots before the soldiers left for Cuba during the summer of 1898 didn’t stop Claire O’Farrell from opening her heart, but it prevented her from wanting to share it. The stormy Mobile Bay winter proves the right catalyst for Joe Walker to prove his devotion to the woman he loves, though Claire is determined her choices have made her unworthy. Picking up the winter after Fortitude takes place, those wishing to know what happened to Claire O’Farrell and Joe Walker after the book ended should be pleased with this new adventure. Reading Fortitude first isn’t necessary, but it will make it more enjoyable.


Finally Home: A Christmas Anthology  by Bienvenue Press

Home. Heart. Happiness.

Finally Home brings you eight Christmas stories all about our four-legged friends and the special people who rescue them. From funny, to sad, to romantic, there’s something here to tug at everyone’s heart strings.
A portion of the proceeds will be donated to various animal rescue groups.

“Grace Shadowed” by Carrie Dalby
During a 1906 Christmas party, sparks fly between a doctor and a debutante, but igniting annoyance isn’t what Dr. John Woodslow had in mind when he asks Grace Anne to dance.Grace Anne Marley is left in charge of her younger sisters while their parents are out of town, and a stray dog is the last thing she wants to deal with when there are parties and masquerades on the horizon.


Awesome. Bold. Creative.

Homeroom Heroes brings you seven Christmas romances that celebrate our teachers and the compassion and dedication they bring to the classroom everyday.

From paranormal to contemporary to historical, there’s something here to fill everyone with the spirit of the season.

A portion of the proceeds will be donated to the Acadiana Writing Project.

“Natural Selection in Life and Love” by Carrie Dalby
Southern lawyer Sean Spunner falls for a trail-blazing Bostonian science teacher at a 1912 Christmas party. When Hattie Fernsby finds her job in jeopardy over a chance reference to Darwinism, Sean must work his legal magic to save Hattie’s career–and keep her from being run out of town.


Stormy Pieces

BATTEN DOWN THE HATCHES! Natural disasters—thunderstorms, hurricanes, earthquakes, tornadoes, floods, blizzards, even pandemics like the one we’re all sick of (pun intended). We on the Gulf Coast are unwilling experts on most of these, so in this fifth installment of the Mobile Writers Guild anthology series, our members give you their unique perspectives in the form of short stories, poems, and one play.

“Dashing Through the Snow”
After a snowstorm strikes Mobile, will young Sean Spunner be able to make it across the city blanketed by half a foot of snow in time to deliver an important message for his uncle? Set during the historic snowfall of February 1895, this Possession Chronicles linked short is the oldest story yet.


Mardi Gras Pieces

Everyone from Mobile, Alabama has a Mardi Gras story. In this second installment of the Mobile Writers Guild Pieces anthology series, the guild members share their stories—some true and some fictional, some funny, some touching, and some downright chilling. So don your beads and deck yourself out in purple, gold, and green, grab a MoonPie and relax while you experience a little bit of the Mobile Mardi Gras tradition. Laissez les bons temps rouler!

“Masked Flaws”, a prequel short story to The Possession Chronicles, is one of more than a dozen Mardi Gras themed stories set in Mobile, Alabama, the birthplace of Mardi Gras. Told through the point-of-view of Edmund Easton, “Masked Flaws” takes place the winter before Perilous Confessions (December 1903-January 1904.) Want the backstory of Edmund joining Mystics of Dardenne and their infamous masquerade of 1904? Read it in this one-of-a-kind collection by local Mobile area writers. Proceeds go to Mobile Writers’ Guild to help sponsor programming and literary outreach.


Valentine’s Day Pieces, a Mobile Writers Guild anthology

Love is in the air, but so is something else . . . In this third installment of the Mobile Writers Guild anthology series, our members celebrate the traditional romantic aspect of Valentine’s Day with sweet and funny stories of hearts, flowers, and kisses, but they also explore the darkness that surrounds the day with a few tales of intrigue, madness, and murder.

“Safe Embrace” by Carrie Dalby is set on Valentine’s Day of 1910, Claire Walker juggles family life with helping neighbors when her youngest son and his best friend go missing on Dauphin Island.

A note from Carrie: I wrote “Safe Embrace” specifically for the MWG anthology to create a definite bridge between my teen novel Fortitude and my adult book series, The Possession Chronicles. This is the first time readers see Claire, the spunky heroine from Fortitude, as a married woman. Her husband, Joe Walker, was already introduced into The Possession Chronicles in book two, but from book four (Scarred Memories, which releases in April), the Walker family plays a larger role in the series. It’s my hope long-time readers will enjoy this peek into Claire’s island life and new readers will enjoy meeting the Walker and Campbell families.


Halloween Pieces. In this fourth installment of the Mobile Writers Guild anthology series, our members celebrate the season of witches, jack-o-lanterns, black cats, spiders and ghosts that is Halloween. As always in our Pieces series, we have an eclectic selection of stories, poems, and one play that explores the chills, thrills, and giggles that fill the streets as well as our ghoulish little hearts every October. So lock the doors and windows, dip yourself a goblet of witch’s brew, pull a blanket over your head for safety, and curl up in a nice dark corner to enjoy the read!

“The Portrait of Eliza Melling” is another historical Southern Gothic–this time with a strong paranormal flare. Reader favorite Eliza Melling returns in the form of a ghost on Halloween night 1910 to haunt her former fiancé, Sean Spunner. Thanks to Eliza’s biting sarcasm, it’s a bit of a dark comedy.


“Of Goats and Gators”, the short story that launched the idea for Fortitude, is included in the first ever Mobile Writers’ Guild anthology. Carrie has been an active member and officer in Mobile Writers’ Guild since 2010, serving in such capacities as president, vice president, and Young Author committee chairwoman. Be sure to check out this eclectic mix of writing from the diverse members and friends of Mobile Writers’ Guild. Proceeds go to Mobile Writers’ Guild to help sponsor programming and literary outreach.


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