The Possession Chronicles is a historical Southern Gothic family saga series for adults with eight main novels, as well as a novella (#1.5) and several short tie-in stories featured in anthologies. The series is complete! As a digital option, the series is currently available on Kindle, but this October it will be on all digital readers–nook, Kobo, iBooks, etc. Stay tuned for more information.

The current editions of The Possession Chronicles books go out of print on September 30, 2022. The new editions (complete with bonus short stories that were previously only available in anthology collections) release October 18, 2022.

For those looking for more, the series does link to the stand alone teen novel, Fortitude, as well as The Malevolent Trilogy.

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Here is an overview of the main books (eight novels and one novella)

in The Possession Chronicles.


Lucy Easton, an aspiring novelist, will do anything to help boost her chances at publication—including betraying her family. But when she crosses paths with the charismatic Alexander Melling, her aspiration for success pales in comparison to the attraction she feels towards him.

Alexander Melling is a young lawyer from a powerful family, striving to free himself from his father’s shadow. The more time he spends with Lucy, the more desperate he becomes to shed the secrets of his past—a past which can destroy both himself and the woman he’s falling in love with.

While Alexander struggles with his past sins, Lucy must decide whether loving him is worth risking her own safety…and her heart.

From gossip magazines to gleaming Mardi Gras balls, Lucy and Alex navigate the Gilded Age in the Deep South with both passion and guilt.


Set in 1905 between the finale of a notorious love affair and the demonic infestation of Seacliff Cottage, Mosaic of Seduction creates ripples on both sides of Mobile Bay as Eliza Melling orchestrates a love triangle too devious for polite society.

At eighteen, free-spirited Eliza’s artistic drive is overshadowed only by her thirst for the forbidden. She wants her appetites quenched—both creatively and physically—but her lust for freedom rules them all.

Newly arrived in America, Deacon Claudio De Fiore had set aside the natural man in his quest to serve God, but when his desire to protect Eliza eclipses his training to become a priest, he must decide where his true allegiance lies. In a scandal only a Melling could produce, Eliza entraps the deacon while publicly courting a man from her elite social circle.


Thrust into a household infested with demons, Magdalene must cling to her faith-and safeguard her heart-to overcome the temptations waiting to snare her. 

Hired to be a companion to Mrs. Melling, a woman who still mourns the death of her daughter, Magdalene spends her first weekend at Seacliff Cottage. Besides finding the house filled with vile spirits, Magdalene is at odds with an unearthly attraction to Alexander Melling—her employer’s bachelor son.

Magdalene soon befriends a young Italian deacon, Claudio De Fiore. Together they try to solve the puzzle surrounding the demonic activities within the house.

Meanwhile Douglas Campbell—the Scottish nephew of the coachman for the Mellings—arrives at the cottage. Balancing her growing love for Douglas and the memory of her haunting weekend with Alexander, Magdalene’s struggles worsen. The demons within the tainted walls of Seacliff Cottage are waiting for the right time to claim their next victim.

Can Douglas and Magdalene’s romance survive the murmurs of evil, or will past secrets destroy their lives as well?


Secrets, lust, and demons–all in a day’s work when you live with the Mellings.

Fall has come to the Eastern Shore of Mobile Bay, bringing chilling winds of change to Seacliff Cottage.

Settled into her employment as Mrs. Melling’s companion, Magdalene has accepted the proposal of the Mellings’ chauffeur Douglas Campbell, and is happily anticipating their new life together. That is until temptation reappears with Alexander Melling’s return the day after her wedding.

As if triggered by Magdalene’s tumultuous emotions, demonic activity flares once more. Those within the walls of Seacliff Cottage must battle against their own passions as nefarious possessions call forth the longings they’ve fought to keep hidden.

Can Father Claudio De Fiore cleanse the house from the storm of evil ravaging it? Or will exposed secrets crumble the very foundation the manor was built upon?


Can a haunted past make amends with the present? 

Lucy is her own worst enemy. She loves her husband, Frederick, and longs to be a good mother to their daughter, Phoebe. Still, her heart aches for her true love, Alexander, who died years before. In the books she writes of love and loss, she envisions herself back in Alexander’s arms, reveling in the second chance she thought fate too cruel to allow them.

As Lucy flounders, the family hires a young aid for her to lean on.

Darla Beauchamp is eager to please her new employers, and quickly takes to juggling Phoebe’s care with that of a very pregnant Lucy. But when she discovers her younger cousin has become the object of desire for a traveling violinist, a fire ignites within her to protect what little family she has left.

Both women find their lives part of an intricately interlaced tapestry, one that will unravel all that they have worked for with the smallest snag.


Enchanted romance or cursed love?

Seeing his ex-wife, Lucy Melling, happily remarried, Frederick Davenport longs to move on from his failed first love. However, he has no interest in the catty women in town who feed off gossip and the misery of others.

Then Melissa Stone entered his life.

Assigned to ensure Lucy finishes her latest romance novel, Melissa moves into her house as a long-term guest. Little does she know, she’s arriving just as an unholy darkness begins to haunt the unsuspecting family.
Despite her growing attraction to Frederick, Melissa feels obligated to the Melling household as they battle against an evil entity determined to destroy them all. Can their blossoming love withstand otherworldly odds? Or will fear keep them both from true happiness?


As 1912 draws to a close, Alexander Melling should be on top of the world. His wife is expecting their long-awaited child, and he’s in sole possession of the Melling legacy. Unwilling to use his parents’ tainted fortune, Alexander labors to make ends meet defending his first murder case and helping his sister-in-law find a new asylum to call home. On the verge of reaching for a drink—or one of his past lovers—the last thing he needs is to see fear in Lucy’s eyes once more.

Amid transitioning out of a fulltime career and managing life as a stepmother, newlywed Melissa wants to spend uninterrupted time with her husband, but Frederick Davenport’s attentions are pulled elsewhere. Juggling two daughters, a needy ex-wife, and Alexander’s personal drama, there isn’t much time left for Melissa and Frederick to enjoy life together.

Will Alexander’s past wreak havoc on his happily ever after—and Frederick and Melissa’s as well—or will the united forces of the Melling and Davenport families overrule the remains of their previous lives?

Picking up after the close of Hostile Charms, Haunted Remains continues the drama readers have come to expect in The Possession Chronicles. Returning to its perilous beginning and expounding on the scandal and debaucheries plaguing Alexander, the sixth novel in this Southern Gothic family saga is sure to see a tempestuous end.


While World War I has the globe in turmoil, the Melling and Davenport clans have their own unrest. After the shattering loss of their youngest child, Frederick and Melissa mourn in their own ways, but Melissa’s isolation leads to further heartache that stretches the bounds of repair.

Father Claudio De Fiore is always first in line to comfort, but his moments with grieving Melissa Davenport eclipse his vows to the church. Will he go too far when the previously independent woman buckles under her sorrows?

Longtime friend and employee to Lucy, Naomi Joyner has witnessed everything amid the turbulent life of the Eastons and Mellings. Trapped between the draw of her first lover and being a loyal companion to declining Lucy, Naomi must decide if she wants to continue with the never-ending drama of the Mellings.

Find out who will survive the war years in this formidable installment of The Possession Chronicles.


The Mellings and Davenports don’t go quietly into the Roaring Twenties. Settled with his new wife and expanding family, Alexander Melling is once again jubilant, but not everyone is pleased to see him successful with Magdalene by his side.

Embittered Phoebe Davenport seeks to claim what she believes is her rightful place as the head of her mother’s legacy. Armed with the crazed desire of the Easton family, Phoebe will stop at nothing to seek her revenge on her stepfather’s family.

Bethany Davenport tries to calm her sister, support her best friend, and find her place amongst the emotional chaos Phoebe creates. She cautiously moves forward, despite the precarious situation surrounding her faltering family.

Alexander does his best to hold his life together as the stepsiblings clash. His own weaknesses are brought to the surface once more during a fresh surge of sinful—and demonic—activity.

Discover who will thrive amid the perilous odds in the final installment of The Possession Chronicles.

For those who want even more…

In chronological order, the stories in The Possession Chronicles are as follows :

“Dashing Through the Snow” (1895 set anthology short story)

Fortitude (Tie-in teen novel)

“Courtship and Courage” (Fortitude #1.5 anthology short)

0 “Masked Flaws” (anthology short)

1 Perilous Confessions (novel)

1.5 Mosaic of Seduction (novella)

2 Murmurs of Evil (novel)

3 Tendrils of Passion (novel)

3.5 “Grace Shadowed” (anthology short)

3.8 “Safe Embrace” (anthology short)

4 Scarred Memories (novel)

4.1 “The Portrait of Eliza Melling” (anthology short)

4.5 “Revelry’s Requiem” (anthology short, co-written with Jolie St. Amant)

5 Hostile Charms (novel)

6 Haunted Remains (novel)

6.1 “Natural Selection in Life and Love” (anthology short)

6.5 “Mystic Misperception” (short, coming October 18, 2022 in the new edition of Barren Devotion)

7 Barren Devotion (novel)

8 Reckless Rebellion (novel)

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