Washington Square Secrets

Washington Square Secrets is a new historical Southern Gothic series with a paranormal/parapsychology slant by Carrie Dalby.

Return to old Mobile–or visit for the first time–and get to know the charm and hostilities within this bay front city with small town vibes. The picturesque Washington Square area is now called the Oakleigh Garden District. The neighborhood spanned dozens of blocks south of Government Street between Broad Street on the east and Michigan Avenue on the west.

I’ve already written several stories featuring this neighborhood (including the Melling mansion in The Possession Chronicles and the Allen-Graves house in The Malevolent Trilogy.) Now it’s time to explore new characters, though a few old friends and enemies might stop by.

Book one, Discernment, will release June 6, 2023. It’s set in September-November 1910. You can order it now.

Book two takes place over the winter of 1912-1913, I hope to release in December 2023.

Book three is in the first drafting phase. It will be a 2024 release.

There might be more to come after that…

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