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Carrie’s trilogy is now available in hardcover, paperback, and digital editions!

This Southern Gothic family saga has some familiar names to those who have read The Possession Chronicles, but it can be read alone. The first book takes place in 1897 and The Malevolent Trilogy closes out in 1923.

Malevolent Hearts, Tangled Discoveries, and Severed Legacies are now available on all major digital platforms. Go to your favorite reading app to claim your copy.

The hardcover or paperback editions can be ordered through your favorite bookstore/online shop. Our friends at The Haunted Book Shop offer ordering–and it’s your best option for getting an autographed copy. Local pick-up and shipping are available.

Here are several ordering options for Malevolent Hearts.

Here are some purchasing options for Tangled Discoveries.

And the ordering options for Severed Legacies.

If you don’t see your preferred bookstore on any of the above links, check out and support independent booksellers.

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