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FORTITUDE ad Grateful American

*Listed as a “Best History Book for Kids” selection by Grateful American Foundation.

It was in April 1898 when I, Claire O’Farrell, made a decision that ultimately changed my life forever.
I had never been one to follow society’s “rules”. My oldest friend was a Creole at a time when that simply wasn’t done. Then, I made an even bolder decision by serving as a nurse for the Buffalo Soldiers during the Spanish-American War. By doing so, it was evident to all that I held little regard for the Jim Crow laws.
My choice of working in that camp hospital put me in immediate danger, but after I gave my heart to one of the soldiers there, I found myself caught in the racial violence besieging the area.
When the consequences of my past decisions followed me home, I had no choice but to cling to my faith and pray that I find the path I was meant to travel.

This young adult historical novel was originally available in e-format on December 8, 2015 and published in paperback on January 5, 2016 by the Surge Imprint of Anaiah Press. The new edition published on March 5, 2019 by Bienvenue Press.

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After three years, CORRODED is back! The new edition releases March 22, 2022.
It was first published in April 2016 through the Surge Imprint of Anaiah Press and remained in print and digital format for three years.

Fifteen and suffocating in her sister’s shadow, Mary Weber struggles to claim her own identity–and the attention of a guy at school. No matter what she does or where she goes, Mary never feels she measures up to her older sister’s legacy.

Ben Thomas, a seventeen-year-old neighbor on the autism spectrum, crosses paths with Mary. He fights against the weight of his rigid lifestyle because he doesn’t want his sensory issues to block their road to friendship.

An unlikely relationship forges between someone hiding from the world and another seeking to find her place in it. Will Ben and Mary discover what it takes to strengthen their lives that have been corroding around them?

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