… and she flies the coop…

I’m here on time this week. Blogoriffic!
My timeliness blooms from guilt: I won’t be posting next week and I wanted to make sure I get this week’s post up. The next few days will be filled with packing and laundry and cleaning. Saturday the family heads north on a fourteen hour drive to reach my in-laws’ home. Thankfully the trip will be split between two days, allowing for a stop in Nashville to return two of my nephews to their home and see my sister and the rest of her family.
I love to travel! I haven’t been more than forty-five minutes away from home since last June when I was blessed enough to travel (flying first class no less!) to the Boston area to visit with my oldest sister. I was six months pregnant and away from my boys for the first time. Need I say I was spoiled and self-centered during that visit? Such an odd feeling to get away from it all… (See photo above.)
But this time it’s interstate travel and car seats and too many pit stops. French fries on the floor and cranky kids.
It’ll be so worth it, though! Seeing the world go by one mile marker at a time. And if I’m lucky, a book-on-tape to listen to… as long as the kids are quiet enough and the narrator’s voice doesn’t annoy the driver. I’ll have my bird book next to the seat and my journal within arms reach as well. And a camera, though I probably won’t remember to use it much.
The days ahead will be filled with family, fun, and a little frustration, I’m sure! Bon Voyage!

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