New Release for Halloween

After last month’s hurricane and then being without use of a computer for over two weeks due to delayed repair issues from Hurricane Sally, I fell off my typical twice a month blogging schedule. Fortunately, I feel like things are back to “normal” for me now–if normal is a spectrum, I’ve at least got a toe on it.

Computer screens aren’t supposed to look like this.

The big news is my latest release–a Possession Chronicles short story. Halloween Pieces, the fourth anthology from Mobile Writers Guild, is available now. A collection of poetry and prose all revolving around Halloween features the diverse membership of our coastal Alabama group.

The four Pieces anthologies. I have a short story in each, from left to right: “Of Goats and Gators” (the short that was my springing board for Fortitude), “Masked Flaws” (The Possession Chronicles prequel short featuring Edmund Easton–this story also available as a free digital read when you subscribe to my newsletter), “Safe Embrace” (a sweet Valentine’s Fortitude/Possession Chronicles crossover with Claire as the main character), and “The Portrait of Eliza Melling”.

My offering, “The Portrait of Eliza Melling”, is historical Southern Gothic–this time with a strong paranormal flare as reader favorite Eliza Melling (who we haven’t seen actively on page since Perilous Confessions) returns in the form of a ghost on Halloween night 1910. It overlaps the Halloween Flirts dance featured in book four, Scarred Memories. Thanks to Eliza’s biting sarcasm, it ended up with a touch of dark comedy. I hope you enjoy reading it as much as I did writing it.

Find Possession Chronicles short story #4.1 “The Portrait of Eliza Melling” in this new collection.

Any of The Possession Chronicles stories make great reading on autumn nights. They aren’t all creepy, but the horrors of family secrets and scandal can be just as chilling.

Happy spooky season reading, everyone!

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