Today marks the release of the new edition of Corroded. After being out-of-print for three years, my only contemporary novel (so far) is back.

Set along the Central Coast of California, Corroded explores family and friend dynamics, as well as first love and autism. While in high school, I lived in Santa Cruz County and loved visiting Monterey, just to the south. Both are important settings in this coming-of-age story for readers twelve and older. For adults, the book offers a nostalgic look back on the teen years, and for preteens and teens, it will be a “you are not alone” experience for those awkward transitional years.

From the first edition, one reviewer said “The author does very well in writing about autism in a relatable way without seeming self-important or advocacy-minded” and another, in regards to the character of Ben, said reading his chapters was “a beautiful experience”. I consider both high praise as autism spectrum disorders are something I live with every day.

The Overview:
Fifteen and suffocating in her sister’s shadow, Mary Weber struggles to claim her own identity–and the attention of a guy at school. No matter what she does or where she goes, Mary never feels she measures up to her older sister’s legacy.

Ben Thomas, a seventeen-year-old neighbor on the autism spectrum, crosses paths with Mary. He fights against the weight of his rigid lifestyle because he doesn’t want his sensory issues to block their road to friendship.

An unlikely relationship forges between someone hiding from the world and another seeking to find her place in it. Will Ben and Mary discover what it takes to strengthen their lives that have been corroding around them?

It’s a great read for April, Autism Awareness/Acceptance Month.

Find out more, including a few ordering links, on my Books for Teens page.

2 responses to “CORRODED is Back”

  1. Congrats on the re-release, Carrie!

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