Autism Month

April has about flown by for me. Between talking about the release of Reckless Rebellion, the final novel in The Possession Chronicles, working edits on The Malevolent Trilogy, and sharing about Autism Spectrum Disorders, I managed to give the website/blog a fresh layout. Click over and browse the new look.

Through all that, I’d forgotten to stop back here and give Autism Awareness/Acceptance Month a little attention.

The newest print of Corroded, my novel featuring a main character on the autism spectrum, has been out in the world since the end of March. I hope this second edition finds its way to new readers. Since everything else I’ve published has been historical, it often gets pushed to the side because it doesn’t fit in with the others. But I’m just as pleased with Corroded as I am with my other novels, and several readers that I’m aware of–even if they love The Possession Chronicles and Fortitude–claim Corroded as their favorite of my books. The ultra Gothic fans call it “light and refreshing between heavier reads”, so pick it up for a change of pace.

If you’re a newer reader (I’ve been blogging over a decade), you might find this 2016 blog post “The Top Ten Facts Behind the Fiction–Corroded an insightful read to learn more about me and this novel.

Remember, Autism is a spectrum disorder. If you know one person on the spectrum, you know one story out of a rainbow of options. Education is key to better understanding and acceptance for all individuals.

2 responses to “Autism Month”

  1. Loving the new website design, Carrie!

    1. Thank you. I took a free online Word Press tutorial about their new full site editing features and tried it out.

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