Release Day for The Malevolent Trilogy

They’re here!

Malevolent Hearts, Tangled Discoveries, and Severed Legacies are now available for your reading pleasure. The complete trilogy is available on all major ebook platforms (Nook, Kobo, Kindle, iBooks, etc.) and the hardcovers of Malevolent Hearts and Tangled Discoveries are ready. The hardcover of Severed Legacies will most likely be available for ordering by the end of the month.

The hardcover editions are gorgeous, thanks to the amazing watercolors of the historic homes by Amanda Herman. The cover of Malevolent Hearts features what is the Allen home in the first book, located across from Washington Square on Chatham Street in the historic Oakleigh District of Mobile. It was once called Twelve Oaks.

Tangled Discoveries has the 1916 home of character Sean Spunner and his family. It is the historic Bessie Fearn-Syson House, referred to as 19 Columns by its current owner.

And the third novel, Severed Legacies, features the home of Dr. John Woodslow’s family. Both this one, known historically as the Alfred Staples House, and 19 Columns were designed by architect George B. Rogers. I love taking historic houses and giving them new life with fictional characters. (The Mellings’ Government Street mansion in The Possession Chronicles is another Rogers built home.)

I’m excited to share The Malevolent Trilogy with you. For up-to-date information, including some purchasing links, be sure to check out the trilogy page on my website.

As always, questions are welcome. If you don’t wish to comment publicly, check out my CONTACT page for my email and social media links. Happy reading!

2 responses to “Release Day for The Malevolent Trilogy”

  1. Each cover and all three of them together look wonderful. I love the watercolor artwork. Congrats on the trilogy, Carrie!

    1. Thank you. I’m excited to share the finished project.

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