Changes are Coming

It’s still summer in the Deep South, but I know autumn is almost here. In recent days, there’s been a slight decrease in heat, pollen levels have kicked up, and pumpkin flavored treats are showing up on bakery shelves.

In case you haven’t heard, the current editions of my books published by Bienvenue Press are going out of print at the end of September. Which books are those? Fortitude and the complete Possession Chronicles. Yes, ten books.

Don’t panic!

I’ve been busy behind the scenes preparing for the transition with new editions. For digital readers, this won’t be a big deal, but for those collecting the print books, you’ll want to complete your set because the new books will be a larger size than the current ones.

The size difference in the current print books (top, black spine) and the forthcoming version (bottom, gray spine.)

There will only be a short disruption in the availability of the books. The Bienvenue books are going out of print on September 30, 2022. The new version of Fortitude will release October 12, 2022 and The Possession Chronicles books on October 19, 2022. (You can already find listings for them on all e-reader platforms and in paperback on most online bookstores.)

Fortitude will be reborn for the third time, and The Possession Chronicles novels and novella will return in second editions, most with bonus material. Fortitude and all the books in the series except Reckless Rebellion (the final one) will each have a short story included in the back of the book–for both the print and digital copies.

These short stories are, in most cases, the shorts I’ve written for themed anthologies with Bienvenue Press and Mobile Writers Guild. But there is one never before published short, “Mystic Misperception”, that will be in Barren Devotion. (Yes, it’s a Mardi Gras story, complete with a Mystics of Dardenne masquerade in 1915.)

Take a look at the covers of the 2022 reprints.

Familiar faces for those already acquainted with the books, but a fresh layout to help differentiate the editions.

The bottom line: if you like cohesive series on your shelves, complete your collection soon.

The new editions will be close in size to The Malevolent Trilogy hardcovers, and exactly the same height as the new edition of Corroded and The Malevolent Trilogy paperbacks–when they release.

I’m excited to share these new editions with you and expand my reach to readers.

2 responses to “Changes are Coming”

  1. I’m glad you’re re-releasing your books. I’m sure it’s been a lot of work!

    1. A labor of love, for sure.

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