The September Recap

For those who couldn’t make it to either of my bookish events earlier this month for The Malevolent Trilogy, I thought I’d share a bit about them.

But first, a reminder that the current editions of Fortitude and The Possession Chronicles are going out of print next week–by the end of September. The new paperback/ebook (all platforms) editions go on sale October 11 (Fortitude) and October 18 (the full Possession Chronicles series.)

Depending on stock levels, some stores/online retailers might have the old paperback editions for these titles still for sale after they officially go out of print, but the ebooks will be unavailable. If you are looking for a certain physical volume to complete your collection and can’t find it, check with me. I do have a limited amount of stock.

Along those lines, Amazon currently has the paperback versions of Fortitude and Corroded, my teen novels, marked down. Fortitude is under eight dollars, and Corroded under six (more than half off.) The prices do change, so I can’t guarantee how long those will last. A few of The Possession Chronicles paperbacks are also slightly marked down, as well as the hardcover of Malevolent Hearts.

Back to the original reason for this post.

The book events two weeks ago were great. The new location of The Haunted Book Shop was terrific and the author area convenient for all shoppers during Mobile’s monthly ArtWalk on a wonderful evening downtown.

Paranormal author M.L. Bullock and me at The Haunted Book Shop September 9, 2022 during ArtWalk.

And the following day, September 10, the owners of 19 Columns literally rolled out the red carpet for me.

The gorgeous setting of the cover house for Tangled Discoveries was a welcoming place to host the attendees who stopped in to learn more about my books and see the historic location.

Happy is an author in her book setting.

For me, I was thrilled to hang out in the George B. Rogers designed home and once again imagine the Spunners living there. It was overwhelming to see the group of new and familiar people who came by to learn more about The Malevolent Trilogy, but I enjoyed everything.

Signing a copy of Tangled Discoveries (with the house on the cover) next to the original watercolor of the cover art.

After those events, I’ve settled back down to first drafting a new manuscript that will hopefully be published sometime next year.

In the meantime, please enjoy The Malevolent Trilogy, The Possession Chronicles, Fortitude, or Corroded. Leaving a review after reading is magical–for the author and other readers. Thank you for following my literary journey.

2 responses to “The September Recap”

  1. How awesome that you got to do bookish events at these two gorgeous locations!

    1. I could hang out all day at either location.

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