The Possession Chronicles, Take Two

They’re back!
The complete series of The Possession Chronicles is once again available, this time with a wider distribution reach and bonus short stories.

I’ve always loved that line. It’s from a background character, but it shows the whimsy that runs through the Easton family beyond the main three siblings: Lucy, Edmund, and Opal.

Now is a good time to remind people I named four out of the ten Easton siblings after the Pevensie siblings from The Chronicles of Narnia. (Peter was one of the three Easton children who died from yellow fever before the series begins.)

Are there any other random tidbits I can share to help mark today’s re-release? Of course!

I wrote what is now Murmurs of Evil and Tendrils of Passion first, thinking it was one big stand-alone Gothic horror novel. I realized it was too long. Plus Alexander Melling had a backstory that deserved to be told, so I wrote Perilous Confessions, thinking I had a trilogy.

After completing that story, I knew Lucy Easton had more to say, so I wrote Scarred Memories. A friend and critique partner told me I couldn’t leave Frederick Davenport the way I did, so I wrote Hostile Charms. That made me realize how much the next generation would be affected by this tangled group. I wrote Haunted Remains and Barren Devotion (at first thinking they’d be one short story. Funny, right?) to get to Reckless Rebellion.

All eight novels were complete before Perilous Confessions released. After the first few books were published, several readers lamented not seeing more of Eliza Melling. They loved her more than her brother, Alexander, and wanted more Eliza. I wrote Eliza’s story, Mosaic of Seduction, which is novella #1.5 last because it was requested. It’s even dedicated to my reader’s group.

Like The Chronicles of Narnia, The Possession Chronicles was written–and published, in the case of Mosaic of Seduction–out of order. It’s in good company.

Happy reading to those diving in for the first time or revisiting the series.

2 responses to “The Possession Chronicles, Take Two”

  1. Happy re-release day! I can’t believe I haven’t read Reckless Rebellion yet. I’ll have to remedy that soon!

    1. I look forward to hearing your thoughts once you complete RR/the series. I worked hard to discover the best possible ending for this epic saga because I didn’t want readers unsatisfied after investing so much time with these characters.

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