Cover Reveal for Discernment

It’s been a busy month, but more excitement is on the horizon.

The 2023 Mobile Literary Festival held on the eleventh was a great success–the best festival so far. It was an honor to help with and participate in the event. This summer, information about the 2024 Mobile Literary Festival will be announced, so stay tuned.

My April newsletter will be filled with goodies, including the cover reveal for Discernment, the first book in the Washington Square Secrets series. Be sure to subscribe to my once-a-month newsletter to get the sneak peek.

Here’s a look at a small fraction of the cover showing the title…

The newsletter is handy as it gives you an overview of events, news, and first-looks. Unless you’re following me on all social media platforms, you’ll find information you’re likely to miss from other sources directly in your email.

For now, Happy Spring for those of us north of the equator. Here in Mobile, Alabama, it’s the coldest day we’ve had for a month or two.

Yesterday was crisp as well. I took a walkabout with one of my teens, taking photos of Mobile places that relate to my books. Here are a few of The Cathedral-Basilica of the Immaculate Conception in downtown. Otherwise known as the cathedral that’s always mentioned in my stories. The first one is mine (camera phone), the other two taken by my son with his new fancy camera.

P.S. Yes, the cathedral is a setting in Washington Square Secrets, as well as Fortitude, The Possession Chronicles, and The Malevolent Trilogy. It’s inspiring to see!

2 responses to “Cover Reveal for Discernment”

  1. The cathedral is spectacular! It’s been chilly here, too (Northern Plains of TX).

    1. I prefer not to have the cars in the photo (not the right automobiles for my era), but they do give it scale. The cathedral is huge!

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