Discernment Cover Reveal

We’re two months away from the release of Discernment, book one in the Washington Square Secrets series. It’s time to see the cover, which debuted over the weekend in my monthly newsletter.

This original watercolor by Amanda Herman, cover artist of The Malevolent Trilogy, captures a level of Gothic whimsy that completely works for this novel. Elements of the house’s architecture coupled with the characters’ personalities and the dash of color with the roses make it amazing.

What the book is about:

Newly wed and newly arrived in Mobile, Alvin and Deborah Farley attempt to settle into the Washington Square neighborhood in September 1910, but all is not peaceful in the idyllic, tree-lined streets.

Suffering under widowed Aunt Catherine’s jealousy and control of the household, Deborah is also struggling with an increase of ghostly apparitions and messages from beyond. While Alvin is busy with his teaching position at Barton Academy, Deborah seeks to establish her place in their new home and bring peace to neighbor Sean Spunner, who is tormented by the weight of his dead fiancée’s haunting.

Will Deborah be able to further develop her powers as a medium to master her weaknesses and banish Sean’s oppressor, all while the truth of Catherine’s husband’s death comes to light?

Each book in the series will stand alone and have new main characters, but old friends mingle with the new in historic Mobile. Since it is not a family saga like The Possession Chronicles or The Malevolent Trilogy, the Washington Square Secrets books are shorter, the pacing quicker. I hope you’ll make room for Discernment this summer. It will be available in paperback and e-book formats.

2 responses to “Discernment Cover Reveal”

  1. I love the cover! It may be your best one yet! Part watercolor and part off-kilter, it’s perfect!

    1. Glad to hear. Alvin and Deborah do have a bit of that “American Gothic” painting vibe too.

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