Autism in the Spotlight

April 2 was World Autism Day, and here in the USA, April is Autism Awareness/Acceptance Month. Every day this month I’ve worn my Autism ribbon. Sadly, I haven’t seen or heard anything about Autism this month except from those on the spectrum that I follow on social media.

A decade ago, Autism ribbons were everywhere. Mine is the only one I’ve seen this year. It’s been remarked on three times in as many weeks. I’m not actively seeking news/community events featuring Autism, but I do notice them when they are reported/shared. I know there’s been a rift in the “Autism Community” in the past several years, and I think it’s taken its toll. Coupled with there being a “National Day” for everything, and each month having three or more special designations, Autism has lost it’s immediacy.

Outreach is the victim.

No matter if you’re self-diagnosed, formally diagnosed, living with autism or love someone who is autistic, you matter. Your story can be shared. The spectrum is wide and with all the other issues in the world, it’s important to be open to listening to as many experiences of individuals who live life on the spectrum. I’m only one voice, but there are thousands out there, wanting to be heard.

Corroded is my only non-historical published fiction. Out of all my stories, this one draws the most from my life.

One response to “Autism in the Spotlight”

  1. (Weird, my comment disappeared. Silly WordPress.) As I was saying…
    Yours is the only Autism ribbon I’ve seen too, but I didn’t know why. Your explanation makes sense. May we always hear and listen to stories from people on the spectrum.

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