25 Random Things

25 Random Things
I have a phone phobia. If you’ve ever gotten a call from me, consider yourself lucky.
I had both nails on my big toes removed when I was 18 due to nail-bed damage.
I want to get the rest of my toenails removed. I use to work at a retirement village and thought it was sad the seniors had to wait all month for a podiatrist to come by to clip their toe nails because they could reach them to do it themselves. I don’t want to have to worry about my toenails as I age.
I like the transitional seasons-Spring and Fall- better than the extremes of Summer and Winter.
“Care Bear” is my most widely used nickname. It’s been used at home, school, and work through out the years.
Before I was married I wanted 5-6 kids. After having one I changed my mind to 2-3 so I think I’m maxed out.
I think it’s easier to answer quiz questions than come up with 25 random things…
I’ve never used a tanning bed, and I don’t plan on doing so.
I had a “Tiny Toons” lunch box during high school.
I have no middle name.
The only graduation ceremony I participated in was for Middle School.
I’ve got no class. High school graduation class, that is. But I usually put class of ’94 because that’s what I would have been…
I have an Associate Degree in Liberal Arts and Sciences, earned December 1995.
Keep thinking about dying my hair but I’m too chicken.
I’ve worn a fake “suicide chain” (chain connecting a nose ring to an earring) on several occasions- though I don’t think there is photographic evidence. And yes, it was in public. Teenagers!
Never had my ears, or anything, else pierced. And don’t plan to.
Fearful of needles.
I’m a weak swimmer.
Scared of most fires/flames.
Small candles are okay in moderation.
I think I’m running out of steam…
I use a Franklin Covey day planner to keep myself on task.
I’m a habitual list maker.
There are currently 5 aquariums/tanks housing fish/reptiles/etc in my house right now.
I wish there were only two aquariums…

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