Fortitude by Carrie Dalby

A series of guest posts for my publisher’s blog kicked off today. Check it out.

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For the next few weeks, we will be hosting authors from Bienvenue Press who will be sharing scenes from their books that highlight their settings. This week, Carrie Dalby stops by the Front Porch to share some of her young adult novel, Fortitude. So, sit back, have a cup of coffee or tea, and enjoy!

On the Front Porch with Fortitude

Many thanks to Bienvenue Press for hosting me on the porch—and welcoming me back as I’m kicking off a six-part series focusing on the porches in each of my novels. As way of introduction, I’m Carrie Dalby. I like to refer to myself as the Southern Gothic branch of the Bienvenue Press family tree—and so far they let me. Maybe they’re scared to say something because I’ve written some creepy stuff, but I promise I play nice.

To start off, I’d like to stop at the front porch of…

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