Sales! Preorder and Backlist Titles

There is some exciting news as we get closer to the release of Discernment: Washington Square Secrets 1 on June 6, 2023.

My friends at The Haunted Book Shop are running a preorder campaign. Not only is it the easiest option to grab an autographed copy, but the first 6 orders will also receive a free cover art magnet with the gorgeously gothic watercolor by Amanda Herman. To reserve your copy of Discernment from my favorite indie bookstore, click here. Be sure to request the swag option at check out–that’s the magnet.

Also happening are online sales direct from me through the secure retail processing company Square. This is a great way to fill in your backlist collection, including rare/out-of-print editions while supplies last. (Yes, even first editions of my teen novels.)

First edition of The Possession Chronicles: 2019-2022 by Beinvenue Press.

Once these early edition are gone, they’re gone. I have them fairly priced at or just below original retail price while some online sellers have them marked over twenty dollars each. (I saw a first edition copy of Haunted Remains listed for ninety-four dollars just the other week. I have it for fifteen.)

As you’re planning your summer reading list, I hope you keep my titles in mindDiscernment, The Possession Chronicles, The Malevolent Trilogy, or more.

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